About us

Promise Dreams is a national charity that aims to make a real difference to children who are seriously or terminally ill.

Children's Charity Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Charity, Wish Granting Charity Wolverhampton

Every child has a dream and whatever it may be we aim to make it come true - whether it be to go on the holiday of a lifetime and spend time with their siblings following extended hospital stays, the chance to meet their celebrity hero, a specially adapted trike to enable them to join in on family bike rides, or essential equipment and resources for their home. In fact, anything that will make life happier and easier for the family in need.

Our experienced, caring trustees select applications that they are able to help with and agree the funding available for each dream. The families are then contacted and steps are made to fulfil the dream.

Our Trustees & Patrons

Suresh Bawa


As a founding trustee of Promise Dreams Suresh has been integral to it's growth & development from day one. From his varied background in sales, recruitment and financial sectors he brings a wealth of contacts and experience. A family-focused husband…

Steve Walker



Steve Walker was a founding trustee of the charity in 2001 whilst running Purpleloans, a national finance company that became the first major corporate supporter of Promise Dreams. Through his previous support of other charities Steve had become frustrated with…

John Donovan



John has been a supporter of the charity for many years and joined the trustee board back in 2008. From his advertising agency base in London John brings a different perspective to the board and helps to plan for the…