“Family, where life begins and love never ends.”

Every child has dreams. 

When time is limited or situations are tough, those dreams have even more value associated with them.

That’s where we come in.  Since 2001 we’ve been making those dreams a reality for children and their families the length and breadth of the country. Thanks to our supporters, we’ve been able to send hundreds of families to the most magical places in the world. We’ve been able to bring together poorly children and their heroes. And we’ve been able to supply life-changing equipment which makes families lives just that little bit easier.

Every child who has a dream delivered by Promise Dreams has a serious, life-limiting or terminal condition or illness. And it’s the least we can do to ensure they have the most wonderful memories with their families.


Our Charity:

We’re a national charity, helping any child in the UK who meets our eligibility criteria who has a dream they’d like delivered. Promise Dreams is overseen by a Board of Trustees, run by a very small and committed team, and supported by fantastic volunteers.

Meet the trustees and team here, or find out more about volunteering here.

Our Dreams:

Children and their families may have a special dream request.

Among the most popular requests for help are:-

Holidays to create amazing memories with their family

Meeting a celebrity hero

Visiting a special place

Adapted or essential equipment to improve their quality of life.

Read about some of the children's dreams we've delivered here.

Our Eligibility Criteria:

o   Confirmed diagnosis of a terminal condition

o   Confirmed diagnosis of a degenerative life-limiting condition, for example Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or Spinal Muscular Atrophy

o   Confirmed diagnosis of a serious life-limiting condition and how this affects the child

o   Confirmed diagnosis of a condition requiring round-the-clock care so severe that, whilst life expectancy may not be directly affected, independent living is unlikely to ever be a possibility

Our Children

We've been helping children and their families throughout the UK for more than 21 years - find out more about some of the dreams we've delivered here.

Our Supporters

Over the years, we've been supported by many individuals and organisations - something we're truly thankful for.  If you would like to fundraise for us or volunteer with us, you can find all the initial information you need here.


Every donation means so much to us as a charity, and to the children we support. If you're able to donate, then you can do so via JustGiving here, or by using the form below.