VOLUNTEERS - WE NEED YOU! Check out our various roles!

Become a Promise Dreams Advocate - Share our stories and raise awareness

As an Advocate you should be confident speaking and dealing with people in public. Our Advocates help to raise awareness of the charity by attending events to talk about our work and encourage others to become involved; perhaps in fundraising, finding families we can help or promoting volunteer activities.

The Advocate role does not require you to raise money or arrange events. However, some advocates do so by being Dream Champions or Dream Team Members.

Become a Promise Dreams Ambassador - Help us bring important projects to life

This is a challenging role where Ambassadors are empowered to manage events, build relationships with third parties, negotiate and take on hands-on responsibilities to support the management team. Ambassadors are largely self reliant, well organised, innovative and work on projects with key objectives.

The Ambassador role is a semi autonomous role with a wide brief but, importantly, does not allow them to commit the charity so they therefore work very closely with the management team.

Promise Dreams Champion - Raise money and help families through your business

Being a Champion can be an immensely rewarding role. As a business leader you have contact with customers, other businesses and your staff to help raise money and find other families who need our help. You can show others how you are supporting a worthwhile charity by making a donation for each sale; collections at staff events or as part of your corporate activities such as golf days.

Could you find someone in your town who needs an important dream funding; help raise the money and then one of your staff delivers the dream in person? Co brand your business as a Promise Dreams Champion and make a difference in your area.

Promise Dreams Team Member - Help the charity operate and deliver children's dreams

As a member of the Promise Dreams Team you can work independently to raise money and awareness. If you have specific skills you could potentially work closely with the office team to help with general administration (possibly in the office or remotely). You may also have the chance to help deliver the dream in person and meet the families and children whose dreams you have been involved with.

We need people like you to help raise money to make dreams come true. But we also need help to support the Dreams we deliver and to support and manage our volunteer activities.

Promise Dreams Team Supporter - Stay in touch and help if you wish

It’s quite normal that most people don’t have the time or desire to organise events or commit to specific projects or volunteer roles. That's why most of our volunteers just want to help out when they can by being a Promise Dream Team Supporter. Maybe you can lend a hand at a local event such as selling raffle tickets, bag packing, handing out leaflets or helping others. Maybe you know someone who could help us with certain dreams and can put us in touch. Maybe you just want to know what we are doing and play it by ear.

You don't need to commit to anything. Just sign up to our newsletter (email info@promisedreams.co.uk) and get in touch if you feel you can help in any way.

Supporting each other

For each volunteer role Promise Dreams will provide guidance and material to help you be as effective in the role as possible. This could include posters, email templates, social media posts, logos and other material which has all been signed off for you to use. You should not use material which has not been approved by Promise Dreams.

You will also receive regular email updates about children and families we are helping plus information to help you in the volunteer role.

We deal with some very sensitive and difficult scenarios which impact massively on the families we help. It also can be an emotional journey for those who work for or volunteer for Promise Dreams.

If you need to contact us via email our address is info@promisedreams.co.uk

Volunteers are essential to what we do at Promise Dreams. By volunteering with Promise Dreams you will be making a real difference to the lives of seriously and terminally ill children and their families.

People volunteer for many different reasons but one thing that unites them all is that they find it rewarding and varied. It is a great way to meet new and like-minded people and can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.

Whatever your reasons for volunteering, we are really grateful, and we want to make sure you have a fantastic experience in return.

We have opportunities for anyone who wants to help Promise Dreams achieve the very best for the children and families who need our help. We promise you a warm and friendly welcome and plenty of ways in which you can use your existing skills or help in discovering new ones!

Reasons to volunteer:-

  • Make a difference

  • Share your knowledge and experience

  • Experience something new

  • Do something you enjoy

  • Have fun

  • Build your confidence