Fundraise At Work

Fundraising at Work

We can help your business or organisation benefit from a partnership with Promise Dreams. Business partnerships with Promise Dreams can have numerous benefits for your company, not least helping you meet your CSR objectives, whether they have a local or national focus. We work closely with you to develop and support your fundraising plans, be it a one-off event or a long-term partnership and will help identify PR opportunities to support your brand values and motivate and inspire your teams and clients alike. We will feature your company name and mission statement on our website and provide valuable publicity wherever possible (if required). In the case of cause-related giving you may benefit from an increase in sales due to a charity link.

Being such a small team we are proud of the close on-going relationships we are able to build with our corporate partners through the very personal service we can offer as well as our ability to let you know just how tangible a difference your support has made. Staff morale is increased through being given the opportunity to play a valuable role in making a real difference to the lives of others by fundraising or volunteering time as part of a team.

The difference you will be making to us is invaluable. Your partnership with Promise Dreams can help us increase our funding, gain exposure to a broader community and provide us with valuable support in order to maximise our fundraising opportunities.

Through corporate introductions and networking opportunities you will be providing us with a vital opportunity to promote our small charity, not only to raise more funds but also reaching out to more families that may be able to benefit from applying to us.